Quality, Accountability, Sustainability


CEA products use the highest quality, rigorously selected raw materials that are then custom formulated to restore and enhance the skin’s natural balance with visible results. Formulated to be gentle to treat even the most sensitive skin, CEA products do not contain harsh chemicals, artificial colorants, or animal by products. We focus on using time-honored active botanicals, which are also tested to be safe and effective. With a balanced ph, our products are dermatologist tested and certified by outside agency that measures safety of cosmetics and beauty products.

In adherence to CEA Biosciences quality standards, all of our plants are grown by specially selected farmers in designated countries, following our rigorous standards of sustainable farming and full traceability of each plant. By ensuring that each of our plants has the same origin and goes through an identical cultivation process, we can closely monitor our ingredients and guarantee high levels of performance and safety in all CEA Biosciences products.

CEA Biosciences, a pioneering and committed brand, observes strict levels of quality assurance in all stages of product development; botanical expertise - essential to a brand that only produces products formulated with plant extracts; authenticity - one of the founding values of the brand with the fierce determination to protect our plant heritage.



CEA is cruelty free. This means that we not only promise that our products are not tested on animals, but we also ensure that none of our ingredient suppliers test on animals.


Artificial Colourants

Harsh Chemical


Animal Testing


  • CEA does not test on animals…we love them too much to test on them.. We believe in using ingredients that are recognized as safe, and then we test on humans (after dermatologist testing!)
  • Our products are gluten free, but we cannot certify that everything is processed in facilities completely free of gluten. Side note, someone please make tasty gluten free bread that doesn’t fall apart!
  • CEA believes in nature meeting science, and having respect for the environment. With a belief that natural is great, and science sometimes makes things better. That being said, we respect the world we live in, so we try to stay as wholesome, clean, and close to the earth as possible, without giving up on innovation and the elegance of our products.
  • CEA spends time looking for the right active ingredients and making sure they work, and there’s enough to work. Our botanical ingredients are inspired by the beauty secrets of India originating in natural healing, and confirmed by science. Our plant-based actives are proven to keep skin hydrated and healthy, so that skin can keep itself healthy and youthful. It’s the concept of, “you don’t feed a woman vegetable, you teach her how to plant a garden and grow her own vegetables!
  • CEA believes that healthy, hydrated skin can take better care of itself. So we keep hazardous chemical out of all of our products If you think it’s important enough for your face to stay soft and supple, it’s definitely important enough for the rest of your body. Let’s keep our largest organ strong and hydrated!
  • Due to the fact that our products contain natural, botanical actives, Our actual shelf life of a CEA product though is approximately 2 years .Storing CEA products in a cool environment also helps maintain shelf life, though we recommend, as with natural things, that you use it as soon as you opened it.
  • CEA products are all made in the indian facilities that specialize in manufacturing natural, premium cosmetics & household cleaning products. Our ingredient research is done in india, However the inspiration and traditional uses of the key, powerful botanicals used in our CEA products all come from the grand country of India the birth place of Ayurveda.
  • All our products are 100% Vegetarian, free of parabens,hazardous hydrocarbons, phthalates, artificial colorants
  • Our line is based on the Indian Ayurveda tradition – which is an ancient tradition we have had for thousands of years where we use specific natural ingredients to treat specific skin and health issues. And then when we choose our ingredients, we test them to make sure that Western science also shows its effectiveness – so we combine the best of the East and best of the West. We don’t base our natural ingredients only on fragrance or trend, but on an authentic herbal history that has been in India’s heritage for centuries – and then use Western science to prove it works. Because Inda is also such a great ayurveda destination, we want to make products that are not only effective, but feel great.
  • Nutrition is the most important part of keeping your skin and yourself healthy. If you took a look at our fridge, you’d find fresh fruits and vegetables like blueberries, strawberries, avocado, spinach, kale, and sweet potatoes. Besides stocking up on antioxidants and vitamins in your fruits and veggies, add in beans, walnuts, chia seeds, and pumpkin seeds which are great for naturally youthful glowing skin.
  • Our products are all tested on at least 30 people (not animals!) for 4 weeks, with astounding results. People loved them and saw improvements, which makes us proud that we make products that we love and can share with all of you. The rest of our products have received rave reviews, and we plan to test them soon!