The Principles


That might make us sound too big for our boots. But the fact is, we want to redefine what clean really, truly means. For ourselves, our homes, our communities, our world. We’re redefining clean for the 21st century. Clean products. Clean homes. Clean values. All to inspire people to make their world that little bit cleaner.

To Make your Tomorrow Healthy & Beautiful…………

  • Make healthy choices, but don’t stress too much about food
  • Take care of your skin
  • Get your daily dose of physical activity
  • Develop a healthy mindset
  • Find Your Peace
  • Sleep Soundly
  • Treat yourself at the spa
  • Watch a comedy – laugh!
  • Have fun with your look
  • Define your own beauty and accept yourself

Our Philosophy:

CEA Biosciences was founded on a passion for plants and nature. CEA Biosciences carefully selects each plant based on the specific needs that its properties address. As explorers of the plant kingdom, we study every possible extract to discover its potential benefits. Through our products, CEA Biosciences conveys our brand values: Authenticity, Simplicity and Safety.

At CEA Biosciences we fuse nature’s best botanical elements with the scientific expertise, to develop pure and proven plant-based formulas. Because we have experienced the transformative power of botanicals through innovative, safe and effective formulas, our main goal is to preserve and respect nature—so much so that we created a patented research and development process .

With CEA, we began a journey of discovery, entrepreneurship and creativity. We chose the name CEA Biosciences because it means “Care with Natural Essence .The name embodies our commitment to help women & men to their natural beauty, but it also signifies the spirit and values that compelled us to create CEA: To be champions of our own destiny by being true to who we are. As a diverse team of multi-cultural, eternally curious founders we believe that every human being is born a champion and born naturally beautiful. Our mission is to help empower them to let their natural beauty, their natural self shine.

The journey of building our own company from scratch has emboldened us to embrace who we are, live by our values of perseverance, gratitude, honesty and trust and bring out the best in each other, all which we pour with love into every single product we create.

To share our message of championing our natural beauty and natural self, we partner with initiatives to help empower human being to achieve their goals and dreams through education and mentorship, so we can all champion our natural beauty, inside and out.