"We're not here to sell you beauty, we are here to make your today & tomorrow healty & beautiful."

CEA Biosciences which is one of the leading company is operating in problem-solution range of skincare and body care products,Baby Care products, ,Parlour Professional Products,OTC products,Cosmeceutical products,Hotel Guest Toiletries products,Pharmaceutical products,SPA products, Household cleaning products. The company has been working in the sector since 2015

CEA Biosciences is where herbal tradition meets botanical science. Inspired by Nature, the herbal healing tradition of India, CEA Biosciences combines ancient beauty rituals and herbal medicinal practices with the best of modern science to create a luxurious and indulgent problem-solution range of skincare and body care products,Baby Care products, ,Parlour Professional Products,Cosmeceutical products,Hotel Guest Toiletries products,OTC products , Pharmaceutical products,SPA products, Household cleaning products.Pet Care Products,

Our mission is to provide safe and effective solutions to enhance your skin’s natural beauty & home cleaning products. We are committed to offering products that are safe and gentle for even the most sensitive skin to restore and enhance skin’s youthfulness with proven, visible results & the high grade household cleaning products.

Featuring high concentrations of powerful and exotic active botanicals, such as turmeric, kombucha, clove, tamarind, candlenut oil, healing teas and red sandalwood, CEA Biosciences combines time-honored recipes for skin health and well-being with the best of skin care innovations to deliver treatments of the highest quality. With luscious textures that nourish the skin, captivating scents that delight, and products that deliver results while promoting balance and radiance, CEA Biosciences provides a lavish Indian spa escape for your skin, body and soul.

CEA Biosciences is operating with domestic market with our own brands as ‘ CEA Biosciences,Maxxoman,Freezzopain, for and personal care products,Ayurvedic Cosmetics products,OTC products,Pharmaceutical & Cosmeceutical products,Baby Care products,Parlour professional products,Hotel Guest Toiletries,SPA Products, household cleaning Products . Our company is growing fast in industry due to professional specialists, professional R&D department consisting of well qualified chemical engineers,Botanist,Cosemtologist,Quality Control Engineers following up closely of market needs and customer demands. Based on above principle we manufacture high quality products as per market demands and deliver them safely on time. Our brands offer an optimum quality with good price, high segment with premium quality products.

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CEA focuses on Health, Comfort, and the Environment to support everyday living and promote happier, richer lives for all people.

CEA positions” Fulfilling a spirit of love” as fundamental to its management & thus contributes to the enrichment of the happiness and lives ofpeople,